The Revaluation of the Circles System

May 2022, Circles Berlin Assembly and Local Market
  • Our new website is coming up, where we incorporated a lot of feedback to help you understand, use and build Circles. You will find more information about how you can build a community hub and gather value in this community around you.
  • We also launched a new online marketplace, where people are already buying and selling goods and services in Berlin. We will announce it publicly soon — stay tuned!
  • We are working on the Circles wallet to hold other tokens, including CRC group currencies and state money to enable a system where businesses can accept partial payment in CRC (co-payment). To make the transaction process and bookkeeping easy, all of this will happen within your Circles wallet, and you will be able to directly make transactions in a single step.



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Circles UBI Project

Circles UBI Project


Circles UBI is a universal basic income system built on the blockchain. Powered by trust, built with communities.